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Contact Us

Blue Mountains
Phone: 0418 105 543


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these are standard and have been recommended by and copied from stayz booking website for property owners
( please note cancellation fees and some wording has been changed from the original stayz document to suit our property )
Booking means the period for which you have paid to stay at the property
Property means 12 Mort st , Katoomba 2780 NSW and all its fixtures, fittings and equipment
Management means the owners and managers of the property
‘Guests”/ tenants means the persons who stay overnight in the property during the booking.
“Visitor” means a person a guest permits to visit the property during the booking.
 confirmation of the booking constitutes complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
Check in time is not before 2pm on the arrival date and check out time is not later than 10am on departure date.
Late departure is subject to prior arrangement and availability and extra charges may apply.
You must provide contact address and mobile number when confirming a booking
Check in /check out and key collection/return and directions to the property will be sent to you on confirmation of the booking:-
A deposit of 50%  is required within 24 hrs of confirmation email being sent unless arranged prior.
If deposit is not received within this period the cottage will be relisted and a new enquiry will be required
to check if dates are still available
Balance of payment plus bond must be received 2 weeks prior to arrival date.
Payments of the amount due must be received in Australian $ net of any bank or other transaction charges.
We accept payment via our bank account – personal cheques will be accepted if received at least 30 days prior to arrival
If you wish to cancel or vary your booking please contact us immediately on 0418105543
Changes made by email will not be accepted unless you receive a reply from us confirming any changes
(sometimes emails go missing!)
It is advisable to contact us as soon as possible so we can relist the property.
Cancellation or Variation ( details below - SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS )
Bookings cancelled or changed  from time of booking up 21 days prior to check in date. 
50%  Deposit will not be refunded
Unless we are able to get another booking for the same dates and value then only an $80 admin fee will be charged.
Bookings cancelled or changed up to 21 days prior to checkin deposit will not be refunded.
Bookings cancelled or changed within the 14 day period prior to check in will be charged full amount.


Management will take no responsibility for cancellations by the tenant due to road, weather or transport conditions, electrical outages, gas outages, sickness or any other event outside of its direct control. This also includes personal issues experienced by the tenant. ( sorry no exceptions )
A variation of the booking which reduces the number of nights stay will be treated as a cancellation of the booking in respect of those nights
A variation of the booking which reduces the number of guests will be treated as a cancellation of the booking in respect of those guests
We have a minimum nights stay policy of 2 nights . No refund will be made for a variation to the extent that it breaches our minimum nights stay policy.
Applies  $100– refunded to you via bank transfer after property inspection
( if the cottage is left in a tidy state on departure – if it is not $100 will not be refunded  ) Any breakages will be invoiced to you at full replacement cost . Cleaning fees will be taken from the security bond and balance refunded to you. Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage- if the smell of smoke is detected a deodorising fee of $100 will be charged.
If the property becomes unavailable for your occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances
(eg: fire, storm, damage etc )we will inform you immediately – any monies paid will be refunded in full.
Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel a confirmed booking at any time prior to arrival
Any deposit paid by the guest will be refunded in full.
In the event of a power outage casued by storm or weather conditions
- guests booked into the cottage will not be compensated or refunded any money paid
power is usally returned within a few hours.
Either Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited
We supply linen, pillows,blankets and towels which must be left where supplied in either the bedrooms or bathroom on departure
PETS   (These Conditions apply to all pet owners )
Maximum of 2 small  or one large dog permitted with prior approval .
The fencing is secure for pets - be we do ask you check the fenceline before leaving your pet alone for any possible exit points - some dogs are great escape artists and can climb over of dig under fences.
For the health and safety of all our guests and their pets all visiting pets must be treated for fleas prior to arrival .
Any damage done by pets while staying the property must be paid for by the dogs owners (replacement cost)
this includes damage to the garden or house and its contents .
Owners must pick up after their pets before departure and put rubbish in wheelie bin next to driveway
If you think your pet will jump on furniture please bring a sheet/blanket to cover them. 
(The blankets we have on the beds and couches are for human use only)
(not all our guests are pet owners and they do not like to see dog hair in the cottage during their stay)
Owners of dogs that shed hair are requested to use the vacuum provided to remove any pet hair from the carpets / floors.
We do this when we take our pets on holidays too so hope you find this a reasonable request.
If you have a dog that barks a lot do not leave them in the house or garden alone when you go out or lock them in the walk in wardrobe inside the house please take them with you . ( quiet dogs are fine to be left alone at the cottage)
Our neighbours on either side do not appreciate the noise disturbance and are likely to notify us if this happens.
we do understand that dogs do bark occasionally and that is fine and acceptable.
You must comply with all applicable House Rules and all instructions from management concerning occupancy
,property,health,safety, and quiet enjoyment of the property and our neighbours.
You are responsible for damage,breakages,theft, and loss of the property and any part of it during your stay.
You must notify us of this immediately.
Management will recover costs from you if repairs or replacement of damaged item/s are necessary.
Only the guests nominated and agreed in the booking may stay in the property overnight. If any guests stay extra charges will apply.
Before Departure, all rubbish is to be put in appropriate council rubbish bins provided, crockery washed and packed away.
Guests are required to leave the cottage in a tidy condition on departure
Extra cleaning charges may be incurred for the cleaning of dirty dishes, washing machine,dishwasher,emptying the fridge, Should the cleaning fee
be more than the usual you will be contacted in regard to cost.
All furniture and furnishings must be left in the position they were when you arrived.
The property should be vacated on time and secured. All doors closed and locked.
Your are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of accommodation keys.
Loss of keys – replacement cost of cutting new set of keys will apply.
Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage.   
In the case of any problems or complaint, you must inform management at the earliest opportunity so that management has the chance
to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You must allow repair/service access to the property during reasonable hours.
Any complaint that cannot be resolved locally , must be notified in writing to the management prior to departure from the Property.
Failure to follow this procedure may hinder the ability of management to rectify the problem or complaint and reduce or extinguish any
claim you may have.
Liability and Insurance / Assurances
All visitors/ Guests / Tenants are recommended to arrange their own holiday insurance, including medical cover as required. The owners can accept no responsibility for accidents. The owners of Secret Garden Cottage  will not accept any liability for any loss, injury or damage of any nature however sustained to or by any person in the course of their occupation of the property and the land belonging adjacent thereto as a result of the occupation of that property or any activity carried out in the course of such occupation however sustained, such activity and occupation are carried out at the individual's own risk.
Children are welcome but the cottage is not equipped with child safe power points or child locks on cupboards - parents must supervise children at all times while at the cottage.

The tenant accepts full responsibility and agrees to indemnify the owner
for any injury or death to themselves, guests, animals or any other
person on the property during the term of their booking.